Natural Sisal Nail Head Rug

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Natural Sisal Nail Head Rug is perfect for busy areas of the home like the living room, entryway, and bedroom.  It’s essential to have a rug that can withstand heavy foot traffic and hold up to the wear and tear of everyday living. Sisal fiber is stronger and more durable than other types of natural fibers, making it a great solution for the home. Natural Sisal Nail Head Rug are stylish area rugs with sophisticated neutral tones and interesting texture.

Eco Friendly Sisal Rug

Sisal fiber comes from the green leaves of agave sisalana, a cactus plant. It’s no surprise that this fiber is tough, as it grows in mostly dry regions of Africa and Brazil. Natural Sisal Nail Head Rug create a wonderful space and adds elegance and style to your home decor. Our sisal rugs are made with the finest quality fibers of the sisal plant and feature a beige canvas border. This rug features a non-slip rubber coating on the back however a rug pad placed underneath adds even more cushion to ensure your home is comfortable.  Many people assume that because sisal rugs are strong, they are not soft. This, however, is not often the case. Natural Sisal Nail Head Rug is a cozy addition to one’s space. Sisal Natural Area Rugs With Nail Head And Beige Border are the perfect accessory for your interior design.

Every rug needs a rug pad underneath it to prevent slippage and premature wear. Please visit our rug pad section and choose the right pad for your rug.

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