Cottages Alki Striped Outdoor Rugs

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Cottages Alki Striped Outdoor Rugs are designed to create a relaxed atmosphere as soon as you enter the room. These indoor and outdoor performance area rugs offer a relaxed, casual feeling with their simple stripe and geometric patterns that are sure to please the eye.  We love that Cottages area rugs are reversible, UV stabilized and mold/mildew resistant.  This makes them an ideal choice for high traffic, activity-prone areas inside and outside the home. Cottages Alki Striped Outdoor Rugs offer a nautical color palette featuring Green, Navy, Blue, Pink, Denim, and Purple. These colors will immediately enhance any outdoor or interior space with a soft contemporary style.

 Striped Outdoor Rugs

Hand-woven with a high quality weaving technique in India, the Cottages Alki Striped Outdoor Rugs are a flat weave rug that is reversible and easy to clean. This rugs have a unique textured feeling on the surface and is woven with a heavy weight to guarantee that the ends remain smooth. This area rug is a perfect design style choice for your interior or outdoor spaces.  They are created with simple design patterns and soothing colors.

Please note this rug is a thin flat weave. There is no pile.