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Chic Black and Gold Cowhide Area Rugs

RSM 045833

An area rug can add a huge impact to the look of any interior space especially in living rooms and family rooms.   It can help define the space as well as add beauty to it.  Area rugs come in many different colors, sizes, shapes and materials.   Chic Black and Gold Cowhide Area Rugs have a unique animal skin design pattern that will instantly warm up your home. Chic Black and Gold Cowhide Area Rugs are perfect pieces for your in-home retreat. Whether you are looking for a knockout piece for your modern city loft or cozy log cabin, these flat woven treasures are a flawless choice for your floors. We love the rich, warm colors of black and gold along with the softness underfoot.

Hand Crafted Real Cowhide Splash Painted

Created to Ensure Quality, Durability and Lasting Beauty

You will quickly discover the warm colors showcased on each of these Chic Cowhide Area Rugs.  These cowhide area rugs will transform any interior room-setting into a truly inviting environment. Each area rug ensures quality, durability and long lasting beauty. These urbane area rug patterns are skillfully highlighted with dimension and depth adding to their decorative appeal. Chic Black and Gold Cowhide Area Rugs are perfect for cabins, entryways, living rooms, family rooms and even in front of the fireplace.

Every rug needs a rug pad underneath it. Please visit our rug pad section and choose the right pad for your rug.

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