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Cadence Crescendo Traditional Classic Area Rugs


The Cadence Crescendo Traditional Classic Area Rugs offers a timeless charm that complements all personal interior styles.  The Cadence Collection is designed to be the focal point of any interior room-setting in your home. Cadence Crescendo Traditional Classic Area Rugs are made of a soft, luxurious blend of Courtron™ polypropylene and natural viscose, making these area rugs both practical and posh. These power-loomed masterpieces exude a classic ambiance with their rich, timeless color palette which  include ruby, ivory, and tan while also adding a touch of modernism with their chic designs.


Power Loomed with  Courtron™ Polypropylene and  Natural Viscose

You can easily find your flair with these stylized motifs, geometric patterns or striped designs within the Cadence Crescendo Traditional Classic Area Rugs.  Cadence area rugs are a great way to pay tribute to the traditional elegance of classical area rugs while still achieving a fresh, contemporary look that is relevant in today’s interior decorating world.  The rich, warm colors found in these area rugs offer a fantastic color palette in which to decorate any room. With the collection's wide array of designs to choose from, including stripes and geometric works of art, Cadence area rugs are sure to suit any interior design style.  These area rugs are true masterpieces for your floor that will be sure to add a timeless statement to any room.

Every rug needs a rug pad underneath it. Please visit our rug pad section and choose the right pad for your rug.

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