General Rug Care


Rug Care Guidelines


The beauty and quality of your area rugs can be maintained for years to come with proper cleaning and care. Vacuuming and rotating your area rug will keep colors looking fresh and bright. Protect your area rug from dirt, liquid spills, and moth that can prevent irreparable damage.


The best thing to do is “BLOT” the spot .

If you have a spill on your rug, BLOT the liquid spill completely with a paper towel and press down with the heel of your hand or your shoe. Repeat this process until you can see that the liquid is completely absorbed. The goal is to blot as much as possibly in order to extract all the liquid   from your area rug. Never RUB for risk of damage to rug fibers.



Don't let the dirt settle in your rug .

Vacuuming your rug will help prevent dirt from filtering down into the pile of your rug where it can accumulate and cause increased wear. Your area rug should be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt and grit that can settle into your rug and damage the fibers and foundation of the rug. You may not actually see dirt on the face of your rug but trust us, the dirt falls and settles into the base of the rug over time.



Rotate to prevent uneven wear .

Rotate your rugs at least twice year. The rotation will equalize sunlight exposure and will also ensure that the rug wears evenly. It is also a good idea to occasionally rearrange the layout of your room to change traffic patterns across your area rug. If your area rug has been laid out in the same way in the same room for years, you most likely have one side that is more worn than the other.



Best way to store your area rug.

Storage is good idea if you are remodeling or moving. First, make sure that your rug is completely clean. Second, treat your rug with a moth deterrent or insecticide (moth flakes will do). Roll your rug for storage instead of folding and wrap it with with a breathable fabric like a sheet. Store your area rug in a dry and ventilated area to avoid mildew or heat damage.  


We recommend you take your rug to a professional rug cleaner at least once every three to five years.