Choose the Right Hallway Rug Size

Hallways are a great place to put a runner rug. They are an active and important part of your home connecting rooms and spaces. For safety and comfort, you should not leave them bare.

When considering a hallway runner rug, there are a couple of things you should know.  Standard hallway runner rugs are available in 2' to 2'.6" in the width and come in various lengths including 6',8',10',12' on up to 20'. Grab your tape measure and measure the width and length of your hallway. A good rule of thumb to remember is to keep four to six inches of flooring exposed on each side of your runner. Be sure to take into consideration any furniture pieces that may rest against a wall in the hallway.
floral-design-hallway runner-rug-rug-shop-and-more.jpg
Most standard hallways typically use the common size 2' x 8' runner rug.
For those extra long hallways, you can use 2' x 10', 2' x 12', 2' x 14', 2' x 16', 2' x 18', and 2' x 20' .

 There are also custom options for hallways that will need a wider size, not so standard size.  Be sure to contact our team at Rug Shop and More for non standard hallway runner rug size options.

Make sure you use a non slip rug padding to prevent slipping.


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