Best Way to Keep Your Wool Rugs Clean

Good quality rugs can last a lifetime when you give them care and attention. If a liquid has spilled on your wool rug, the best thing to do is “BLOT” the area.Cover the stain completely with a paper towel and press down with the heel of your hand or your shoe. Repeat this process until the liquid is completely absorbed.

The next step should be to add soapy water to the area.  Simply mix a few drops of clear household hand dish washing soap with some water.  This is now your spot-cleaning solution. Use a small cloth or soft bristle brush with your cleaning solution. Use soft circle motions to engage the area lightly.

The final step is to “RINSE”Remove the soapy water cleaning solution from the carpet with clean water.Lastly, blot it using a dry paper towel. Be sure to avoid rubbing the area too vigorously because this will cause the rug fibers to become matted.