Natures Elements Lodge Eco Friendly Area Rugs

Beautifully tie your room together with Natures Elements Area Rugs collection. Nature's Elements collection offers a rustic, mellow aesthetic that breathes new life into any room-setting.  We love that these modern area rugs are also skillfully created by hand using an innovative blend of natural fibers, including jute, cotton, straw and grass. These fibers create a durable area rug that will last for years. Lightweight and versatile, Natures Elements collection can be used in a multitude of spaces within your home. As a result, this area rug collection is the perfect option for anyone who wants to refresh and update the floors.

Featuring a Blend of Natural Materials- Cotton, Jute and Grass

Durable and full of style, these eco-friendly and chic styled area rugs are all 100% recyclable. Each design in the Natures Elements Lodge Eco-Friendly Area Rugs collection showcases a well-balanced combination of soft, soothing colors, including Ocean Blue, Bleached Sand, Khaki, Crimson, Denim, Tan, Straw, Timber and Multi-Colors. If you are looking for soft, contemporary designed area rug with a monochromatic color palette, look no further. Make any room beautiful with the simple addition of Natures Elements Henge Eco-Friendly Area Rugs. These eco-friendly area rugs are available in standard rectangular sizes.

Every rug needs a rug pad underneath it to prevent slippage and premature wear. Please visit our rug pad section and choose the right pad for your rug.

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