Extend Your Living Space Outdoors

April 28, 2017

Extend Your Living Space Outdoors

Have you thought about extending your living space outdoors?   It’s the perfect time of year to extend your living space outdoors to your patios, decks, porches, pool areas and lawns.  One easy way you can do this is with an outdoor area rug.  Outdoor area rugs can easily add warmth and decor to any outdoor seating area.  It’s the perfect way to anchor your area while extending your living space.  While you extend your living space outdoors, you’ll discover lightweight, outdoor area rugs that won’t absorb heat, keeping you and your guests cool when temperatures are high.

Place your outdoor area rugs under outdoor tables and chairs for your next family gathering or get together.

Outdoor area rugs don’t have to feel rough to the touch. This patterned geometric rug is soft enough for the kids to play on and practical if someone has a spill.  These super durable, stain- and fade-resistant rugs will instantly transform your space, creating the finished look of an outdoor “room.”  While choosing your outdoor area rug, look for area rugs that are mold and mildew resistant, resist fading and will dry quickly.  It’s a good idea to look for area rugs that will maintain their beauty while exposed to nature’s elements.  While you extend your living space outdoors be sure to include new area rug styles that use a mix of natural and man-made materials, even recycled plastics that will always stand up to sun and rain.  Outdoor rugs are available in an array of sizes and prints giving you so many options to choose from.  You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that today’s outdoor rugs are so soft you won’t think twice about kicking your shoes off and enjoying them!

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