What size rug should you put under your dining room table?

November 14, 2017

What size rug should you put under your dining room table?

Many of our customers often get confused as to what size area rug they should place under their dining room table.  We get it.  Why buy more rug than you need?  In the case of dining areas however, buying the right size rug is extremely important for safety and comfort.  
The two photos below display the "WRONG" size rug under a dining room table.  The back legs of the end chairs do not stay on the rug when pulled away from the table for a person to sit on. This can be very frustrating.  The back legs will catch onto the rug and create an uncomfortable dining experience.  Chairs going on and off the rug when pushed back can also cause wrinkling and damage to your rug with the back and forth movement.




                   Consider these simple tips when purchasing a dining room area rug.
It's best to arrange your furniture before determining your rug size.
Measure the length and width of your dining room table.
Then add approximately 3" on each side all the way around.
Most dining room tables will need at least an 8 foot wide rug. 
You want to make sure that the back legs of each of your dining room chairs remain on the rug.  You also want to allow enough space for your guests to pull out chairs without tripping over the rug. This is especially true when a person pulls the chair from the end of the table to sit on and scoots back in.
Suggested dining room rug sizes:
6 chairs: 8ft x 10ft rug
8 chairs: 9ft x 12ft rug
10 chairs: 10ft x 14ft rug
This contemporary styled dining room table and chairs show the way a rug should be placed.  The back legs of each chair remain on the rug.  When a person pulls the chair out from under the table and goes to sit, the back legs of the chair remain on carpet.  This is a "MUST".  Dining room chairs should "ALWAYS" be fully on the rug- "NEVER" two legs on and two legs off. 

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