What influences the price of an area rug?

November 28, 2017

what influences the price of an area rug

Interested in purchasing an area rug, but concerned about staying within your budget?
Rug Shop and More carries many types of area rugs at several different price points. Each type has a certain range.  Area rugs are either made by hand or made by machine and it matters when it comes down to price.

Rug type & quality influences the price of an area rug

  • Hand Knotted- highest in quality, strong construction, each knot individually tied on a specifically designed loom, considered one of a kind, lasts a lifetime with proper maintenance
  • Hand Woven-flat pattern, no pile height, usually not plush, less expensive than hand knotted
  • Hand Tufted-budget friendly, material pushed through a backing, protective cloth glued to back of rug, long lasting, may contain adhesive odors, less expensive than hand knotted, shedding may occur
  • Hand Loomed- affordable alternative, made on a loom, pushing and pulling fibers together, may stretch prematurely, less expensive than hand knotted
  • Machine Made-created on electronically controlled looms programmed with the design and color, production time is much faster, not as long lasting, backing can be stiff

Materials influence the price of an area rug

Wool, Silk, Viscose, Synthetics, Jute, Natural fibers, Cotton, Cowhide, Polyester, Leather, Chenille, Plastic

    Size influences the price of an area rug

     Measure your space.  There’s no sense in buying more rug than you need. Determine how much hard floor you would like exposed.  Area rugs come in standard sizes give or take an inch or two.


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