Rug Cleaning After the Holidays

December 29, 2018

Rug Cleaning After the Holidays

It's time to put away the tinsel, take down the tree and pack away your holiday decorations.  As you begin your post holiday clean up, remember the care that your rugs need in order to maintain their beauty all year long.

The most important thing to remember is vacuuming! We can't stress this enough. Routine vacuuming will maintain the life of your rug. The holidays bring family and friends together and your area rugs will take on a lot of foot traffic.  Of course we can't forget about our beloved pets who also spend lots of time with the family and on our rugs. They can track in a lot of dirt. 

rug clean up after the holidays

Vacuuming will easily and quickly remove the dirt on surface. Make sure to vacuum your area rug in multiple directions, up and down, then across the width to help release dirt. Be sure to avoid vacuuming the fringe to prevent fringe damage. Use a broom to sweep the fringe. 

Rug Clean Up After the Holidays

Keep in mind you don't need a very powerful vacuum. It's actually best to vacuum your rugs using just suction and not a "beater bar". This will avoid agressive vacuuming which will prevent pulling of material.

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