Making an Area Rug a Perfect Fit

June 11, 2014

Making an Area Rug a Perfect Fit

When making an area rug a perfect fit for your home, there are a few guidelines that can certainly make the process easier.  Before starting out the door, it’s a great idea to take a measurement of the room you are looking to purchase a rug for.  Drawing a layout that includes furniture placement can be very helpful and save you a lot of time.  After all, who wants to waste time?  There are decisions you can make simply by personal preference.  You can opt to have all your furniture placed on the rug or you can choose to have furniture teeter half on and half off.  Traffic flow in the space is extremely important for you to consider.  It is not the best choice to walk half on and half of a rug. It’s actually very awkward.  It is best to either walk all on the rug or all off.  This will help in making an area rug a perfect fit.

Make sure the area you have measured works well with all entrances to the room.  Even if you have one entrance, it’s important that the rug work from that entry.  Go ahead and enter the room from all doorways and see whether the rug size works well.  If you are measuring for a rug under your dining room table, make sure to pull the dining room chairs out as if you were going to sit in the chair yourself and have dinner.  Make sure that all chair legs are sitting on top of the rug.  This makes for a more comfortable dining experience.

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